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Update on three books

Have been completing some books over the past few days, first Jerry Pinto's "Surviving Women", a collection of humorously written essays, which I must say makes one think in unexpected directions. Then completed "Final Reckoning" the new book by Sam Bourne, and have started with "Bourne Sanction", the new book in the Jason Bourne series. 

The advantage of reading well-researched works of fiction is that you get to learn many new aspects about places, traditions, culture and history and the latest reading list also did not disappoint on that count. More detailed posts on each of the books follow. 

Sam Bourne's book starts with a dedication "Ani l'dodi, v'dodi li" which I searched and found to be a Hebrew phrase meaning "I Am My Beloved's, And My Beloved Is Mine". Very apt.
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