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Ideal environs for rest...:-)

T'was a weekend, dominated by 'rest' that just passed. Completed two books over Friday and Saturday - "English, August" and ""Mammaries of the welfare state" by Upamanyu Chatterjee - both very well-written satirical reads. Reluctantly started with a third book late on Sunday - reluctance, owing to the fact that it is the last unread book with me as of now - the book being, "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel. Almost through 70% of the book, and have loved it immensely. Will write more about it on finishing the same. Weekend was topped up by a delicious dinner yesterday at gurukkal's house.

Quite accidentally, finally came upon the meaning of 'fana' - one which fits the theme of the movie and the line in the song - 'Pyaar mein fanaa ho jaye'. In the current book that I am reading, there is a line referring to an Islam mystic, a sufi, that he "sought fana - Union with God". A perfect fit, and enllightenment, at last...

On an entirely unrelated note, read recently that PVR (of the PVR Movies fame) stands for "Priya Village Roadshow". Just bought a car cassette adapter (http://shopping.rediff.com/shop/productdisplay.jsp?prrfnbr=1077313&frompg=ipod_search) from Rediff. Let us see how it turns out to be. Also bought two CD wallets from eBay.

Hyderabad has been uncharacteristically (for July, that is) cold the past 5 days with overcast skies and rains, threatening to fall at any instant. Ideal environs for rest....
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